SpaceTaxi - A c64 remake [released]

Unofficial remake of Space Taxi (C64) from 1984 in Unity, available for Windows and Linux

Game info:

You are a taxi driver….. in Space!

SpaceTaxi is a 2D arcade styled game, where you transport passengers safely to there desired destination. If you know Space Taxi from C64, you'll know what to do:

  • transport passenger from pad to pad
  • pick them up by landing slowly next to them
  • try not to hit passengers with your vehicle
  • fly to the desired pad and land safely
  • avoid crashing
  • passengers will pay more if you are fast (money is the high score)
  • watch out for your fuel if you use too much, you will crash


  • 3 different level + "Tutorial"
  • fully gamepad supported (XBox gamepad or equivalent)
  • local high score (user friendly XML file, for cheating)
  • pixel-art with a retro 4:3 aspect ratio

SpaceTaxi was created for a college history assignment in July 2016,
where you had to remake an old classic game in a modern game engine.
SpaceTaxi was produced in about 2-3 weeks with Unity.

Files 29 MB
Jul 10, 2017
SpaceTaxi_Linux.tar 103 MB
Jul 10, 2017

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